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Water-Miscible Cooling Lubricants

ECOCOOL water-miscible cooling lubricants are specialised industrial lubricants that excel in metal working applications including machining processes.

Possessing outstanding lubricating properties, ECOCOOL is able to deliver exceptional cutting performance, contributing to improved stability and reduced skin burden.

Key Features

ECOCOOL water-miscible cooling lubricants play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of metal cutting and shaping operations, all while prioritising environmental sustainability.

Key features of ECOCOOL include:

  • Water Miscibility - These lubricants can be easily mixed with water to form stable emulsions or solutions. This feature is essential in metalworking, where a combination of cooling and lubrication is necessary to prevent overheating and wear of cutting tools.
  • High Lubricity - ECOCOOL water-miscible lubricants offer high lubricity, delivering reduced friction between the cutting tool and the workpiece. This quality results in a better surface finish, precision and ultimately improving the quality of the end product as well as extending the life of cutting tools.
  • Corrosion Protection - ECOCOOL water-miscible cooling lubricants contain corrosion inhibitors, safeguarding metal surfaces from rust and degradation. This feature is especially crucial when working with metals, where exposure to water-based solutions can lead to corrosion.
  • Reduced Foaming - Foaming can be a common issue with water-based lubricants but ECOCOOL products are designed to minimise foaming, ensuring stable and consistent performance in metalworking operations.

Overall, ECOCOOL water-miscible cooling lubricants offer a balance of lubrication and cooling. Compared to their oil-based counterparts, ECOCOOL lubricants provide enhanced safety for operators as they produce fewer airborne particles, reducing the risk of skin and respiratory irritation.

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Technology Partnership with DMG MORI

High-performance machining technology requires high-performance lubricants. FUCHS have partnered with DMG MORI, ensuring only the best possible fully-approved lubricants are used as first-fill and aftermarket.

  • Fully-approved first fill
  • Reliability and performance as standard
  • Best in class base oil technology and additive selection

Read more about our decade-long partnership here.

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