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Offshore Oil & Gas

Reliable lubricant solutions for extreme conditions

The unique conditions of the Oil & Gas Industry require specialist lubricants and a dedicated customer support programme. At FUCHS, we understand these demands and have developed a unique range of products and services designed to keep your assets in optimum condition and operating at maximum efficiency.

The oil and gas industry frequently works under extreme conditions. In addition, when this is out to sea, with high pressures, high temperatures and corrosion, high demands are placed on both people and lubricants.

FUCHS provides innovative lubricating products and bespoke support packages to provide a complete service to offshore operators. We research, develop and manufacture lubricants that are approved by leading OEM’s and are available globally via the FUCHS organisation.

We also manufacture offshore specific CEFAS & HOCNF registered products to help minimise environmental impact.

High Performance Lubricants

The hostile operating conditions for lubricants in offshore applications demand the highest quality, technically advanced products. FUCHS understands this requirement and has a dedicated Offshore Oil & Gas Division including engineers, chemists and metallurgists to develop high performance specialist lubricants.

Our product portfolio is comprehensive and offers operators a "single source" supplier option with the reassurance of quality and service that you would expect from the world’s largest independent lubricant company.

There's more to lubrication than just oil.

FUCHS Smart Services

Expert support in fluid supply, distribution, monitoring and maintenance. Our lubricants, together with our service support options, are geared towards benefiting your company - helping build a valuable maintenance programme.

High-performance lubricants keep your operations running whilst our advanced monitoring tools, together with unrivalled technical support, remove any unwanted surprises before they happen. 

Our team of fully trained technical staff and engineers are on hand to implement bespoke service packages across your site or to simply assist with any product or application enquiry.

FUCHS also offers various tools to help with the application, storage, monitoring and analysis of your products and equipment to help you identify issues, react quicker and reduce costly downtime.

From digitised tank telemetry to real-time fluid reporting, the FUCHS Smart Service Team is fully equipped to help your operations run smoothly and efficiently, saving you time and reducing your costs.

Offshore Surveys

Incorrect or insufficient lubrication is a major reason for unexpected plant failure. In the Oil & Gas Industry, mechanical efficiency is paramount to success of the operation. To ensure against any such failures, FUCHS has an internal, dedicated and trained survey support team able to carry out offshore surveys.

This team is trained to review, document and recommend lubricant usage and frequency for all offshore assets, to help eliminate lubricant related failures and deliver maximum efficiency for operators.

Oil Analysis

Our condition monitoring service is a state-of-the-art production management tool that indicates the condition of the fluid and equipment by measuring wear trends, additive levels and sources of contamination, highlighting problems before they occur. A report is forwarded to the customer to enable the appropriate maintenance actions, thus reducing the possibility of unpredicted machine breakdown. Anticipating the need for fluid change results in improved scheduled maintenance activities, reduced downtime and maximum return from lubricant expenditure.

  • Clear and precise feedback
  • Regular, accurate, detailed report
  • Supported by experienced lubricant engineers

Business Support

Product and technical support services are provided as part of FUCHS' business support solutions. For the Oil & Gas Industry we hold FPAL accreditation (registration number 100/42598). We also have a UK based customer service team and technical support desk as well as strategic product storage facilities in key locations.

Local technical support, Global availability

The FUCHS Group comprises 58 operating companies in more than 45 countries, strategically placed around the globe to offer the most efficient support to all our offshore customers.

Across the UK, a team of more than 300 specialists works to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. Whatever their requirements, FUCHS has the ideal lubricant for their specific applications and processes.

In our technology centre, we link interdisciplinary expertise in a quick and efficient way – and work on innovative lubricant solutions to meet the demands of today and tomorrow every single day.

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