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Offshore Oil & Gas

The unique conditions of the Oil & Gas Industry require specialist lubricants and a dedicated customer support programme. At FUCHS, we understand these demands and have developed a unique range of products and services designed to keep your assets in optimum condition and operating at maximum efficiency.

FUCHS provides innovative lubricating products and bespoke support packages to provide a complete service to offshore operators. We research, develop and manufacture lubricants that are approved by leading OEM’s and are available globally via the FUCHS organisation.

We also manufacture offshore specific HOCNF approved lubricants to help minimise environmental impact.

In late 2015, FUCHS acquired Statoil Fuel & Retail Lubricants.

  • Market Expertise & knowledge
  • OEM Approved Lubricants
  • Full-line Supplier
  • Strategic Product Storage
  • Fully Trained Service Engineers


The hostile operating conditions for lubricants in offshore applications demand the highest quality, technically advanced products. FUCHS understands this requirement and has a dedicated Offshore Oil & Gas Division including engineers, chemists and metallurgists to develop high performance specialist lubricants.

Our product portfolio is comprehensive and offers operators a "single source" supplier option with the reassurance of quality and service that you would expect from the world’s largest independent lubricant company.


Incorrect or insufficient lubrication is a major reason for unexpected plant failure. In the Oil & Gas Industry, mechanical efficiency is paramount to success of the operation. To ensure against any such failures, FUCHS has an internal, dedicated and trained survey support team able to carry out offshore surveys.

This team is trained to review, document and recommend lubricant usage and frequency for all offshore assets, to help eliminate lubricant related failures and deliver maximum efficiency for operators.


The lubricant in any machine is an important component in guaranteeing the efficiency of that asset. Through active monitoring and measurement of oil condition, FUCHS can help companies determine the condition of the oil in use, the anticipated life of the fluid and highlight potential problems and root causes before they occur. This eliminates unforeseen breakdowns and problems as well as maximising the operational life of the asset.


Product and technical support services are provided as part of FUCHS' business support solutions. For the Oil & Gas Industry we hold FPAL accreditation (registration number 100/42598). We also have a UK based customer service team and technical support desk as well as strategic product storage facilities in key locations.

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