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Supercharge your motorcycle engine with SILKOLENE lubricants from FUCHS.

The high-performance SILKOLENE range of motorcycle lubricants has been meticulously developed on race tracks to ensure the ultimate performance and protection of your vital engine components.

Key Features

SILKOLENE motorcycle products provide excellent lubrication characteristics, including:

  • Dedicated to Motorcycles - Unlike other brands that offer lubricants for multiple vehicle types, SILKOLENE focuses solely on motorcycles, ensuring that their products are specifically tailored to the demands of riding.
  • Reduced Friction and Wear - SILKOLENE’s advanced formulations with synthetic esters and specialised additives are engineered to minimise friction between engine components, leading to smooth operation and improved power output.
  • Increased Fuel Economy - XP Technology in SILKOLENE oils reduces internal friction, allowing your engine to work more efficiently and consume less fuel.
  • Corrosion Protection: SILKOLENE lubricants contain anti-corrosion additives that protect engine components from rust and oxidation, especially important in humid environments or during periods of storage.
  • Racing Pedigree - Developed and tested on race tracks and courses, these lubricants are trusted by championship-winning teams and riders on track, road and off-road.
Max execution time: 240