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Industrial lubricants

Industrial lubricants play a huge role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of machinery and equipment. FUCHS is an industry leader in specially-made lubricant solutions that can make a significant contribution to improving productivity and efficiency. Additionally, our lubricants are effective in reducing energy consumption in numerous industrial applications, for example in hydraulic systems, gear units and many more.

Whether generating and transmitting energy, reducing or transmitting driving forces, generating cooling or compressed air, or for machine tool applications, industrial lubricants must consistently deliver problem-free operation whilst protecting equipment.

FUCHS is constantly striving for sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle, enabling not only our business to be sustainable but also our customers. In-depth industry research is carried out using FUCHS products to enable us to compile the data needed to inform our customers of the most sustainable and efficient products and practices for their applications, ultimately saving them time and money.

Furthermore, rapidly biodegradable lubricants from FUCHS present a real alternative to hydrocarbon-based lubricants.

Choose a category below to view the relevant industrial lubricant from FUCHS. Alternatively, you can contact us today and let our team of experts guide you to the right lubricant solution for your application.

The eco-friendly lubricant packaging innovation

A selection of our RENOLIN B hydraulic oils are now available in 5L & 20L Lube Cubes. 

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