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FUCHS releases high performance dust suppressant

26.10.2018 - 11:48
FUCHS releases high performance dust suppressant

FUCHS has released a new range of dust suppressants to dramatically increase air quality in mining environments.

Our new RENOCLEAN AIR range dissolves into water to offer a complete dust control solution for every step of the mining process.

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The high-performance products improve air quality and visibility, reduce housekeeping, lower maintenance costs and reduce water consumption.

John Stirland, Global Mining Engineer at FUCHS Lubricants, said: “In the last couple of decades it has become apparent that dust and fine particle emission not only carry a nuisance value but also pose a risk to health if not controlled.

“Dust can lead to reductions in visibility on dirt highways and coal tips. In opencast mines and underground mines, dust can pose an even greater risk to health, equipment and the environment.

“To combat this issue, water is often used as a dust control measure. However, when used alone water will evaporate, causing dust to become airborne again quickly.

“Specialist additives can be safely added at low concentrations to enhance the effectiveness of water, saving time, energy and costs.”

FUCHS’ Global Mining R&D team, headquartered at the company’s UK base in Stoke-on-Trent, has researched and developed a new range of dust suppression products based on sound chemistry to fulfil three key applications in the industrial sector.


The three new products are RENOCLEAN AIR Spray-down, RENOCLEAN AIR Hold-down and RENOCLEAN AIR Lock-down.

All three products benefit from worldwide technical back-up.


This additive for water-spray systems greatly increases the ability of water to adhere to the air-borne particles.

Suitable for surface and underground applications such as longwall production, crushers and belt transfer points.


RENOCLEAN AIR Hold-down is a combination of natural binding and wetting agents. It is for general purpose use for, above and below-ground mining activities, applying to stockpiles and haulage roads.

It will help prevent dust emissions caused by vehicle movements and high winds.


This high-performance dispersed polymeric binding agent forms a resilient, flexible film that locks the dust down by crusting loose surfaces.

It is a robust and persistent control against the effects of wind, vehicles and heavy equipment. It is an excellent choice for application as a rail-car topper as it is able to withstand vibration, movement and airflow during long haul transportation.

It’s also suitable for making semi-permanent road surfaces, applied as a superior functioning binder.

FUCHS has been a trusted partner of the global mining industry for more than 85 years. Our comprehensive range of lubricants for surface and underground applications meets even extreme demands. Continuous product development and optimisation underline the FUCHS mission to achieve technical perfection.


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