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FUCHS oil given new approval

21.08.2019 - 01:24
FUCHS oil given new approval

A premium performance engine oil and has been granted new specifications and approvals, making it suitable for use in a wider range of vehicles.

FUCHS Lubricants’ TITAN GT1 PRO C-4 SAE 5W-30 has been renamed TITAN GT1 FLEX 34 SAE 5W-30.

The name change comes after the oil was given ACEA C3 and C4 specifications, as well as a new approval for RENAULT RN0720.

It means the FUCHS oil is fully compliant to be used in Renault vehicles requiring those specifications and can also be used in engines requiring C3 or C4 oils.

Andy Brown, UK Automotive Technical Manager at FUCHS Lubricants, said:

“We have reformulated this oil so that it can be used in a wider variety of vehicles, and we’re proud to have achieved the Renault approval.

“OEM approvals give our customers the confidence that they are using the correct oils in their engine.”

TITAN GT1 FLEX 34 SAE 5W-30 has extreme fuel-economy capabilities and is suitable for modern passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, with or without extended service intervals.

As well as the Renault approval, TITAN GT1 FLEX 34 SAE 5W-30 has two Mercedes-Benz approvals for engines with exhaust after-treatment and turbocharger.

It has perfect cold start behaviour, reduces the exhaust gas back pressure and offers high effective wear protection, extending engine life.

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