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FUCHS oils given Peugeot Citroën PSA approval

21.08.2019 - 01:28
FUCHS oils given Peugeot Citroën PSA approval

Two popular FUCHS Lubricants engine oils have been renamed after being upgraded to meet new Peugeot Citroën requirements.

FUCHS’ R&D team has reformulated two of its products to achieve the latestPeugeot Citroën PSA B71 2290 and PSA B71 2312 approvals.

TITAN GT1 SAE 0W-30 has been renamed TITAN GT1 PRO 2312 SAW 0W-30, and TITAN GT1 PRO C-2 SAE 5W-30 has become TITAN GT1 PRO 2290 SAE 5W-30.

It means the FUCHS oils are fully compliant to be used in Peugeot Citroën vehicles requiring those amended specifications.

Andy Brown, UK Automotive Technical Manager at FUCHS Lubricants, said:

“We are delighted that these two products have received the Peugeot Citroën approvals.

“The OEM changed its specification, and our R&D team was able to amend the formulation of the oils accordingly so that they comply. That is the advantage of having a strong R&D facility.

“Approvals such as these give our customers the confidence that our products are safe to use in their vehicles and offer the very best performance.”

TITAN GTI PRO 2290 SAE 5W-30 is a premium performance, extreme fuel-economy engine oil for both modern passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

It is specially developed for Peugeot Citroën vehicles with exhaust after-treatment and turbochargers.

The product has been proven to reduce fuel consumption by more than 2.7 per cent and to also be suited to a number of vehicles made by Asian manufactures which prescribe the use of a C2 product.

TITAN GT1 PRO 2312 SAE 0W-30 is also for Peugeot Citroën vehicles with exhaust after-treatment and turbochargers and has excellent cold starting capabilities, as well as lower oil consumption and minimised exhaust emissions.

It offers excellent protection against wear in advanced, highly-stressed diesel and gasoline engines.

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