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Choose the right grease gun for the job

20.03.2020 - 02:24
Choose the right grease gun for the job

Using a high quality grease gun is vitally important when dealing with food production machinery.

That’s the message from Gavin Vicary, the business development manager at CASSIDA, who said a good grease gun should offer precise control when applying lubrication.

CASSIDA – a FUCHS LUBRITECH brand - offers a range of NSF & ISO 21460 registered industry-leading greases which cover a wide variety of applications and specifications to ensure that things run smoothly.

This extensive range is supplemented by the two-handed CASSIDA Grease Gun.

Gavin said: “Most, though still not all, manufacturers know that greases play an integral part in achieving optimum performance in food production.

“Using the best products can reduce downtime and increase output and, in terms of safety, there is no industry where it is more important to use tested and approved lubricants.

“Another important consideration, which can be overlooked, is the application gun.

“A good quality gun can offer clean and safe lubrication of these expensive machines through long lubrication pipes.

“It ensures that large quantities of lubricant can be applied quickly and accurately, with minimal waste.”

The CASSIDA Grease Gun produces 400 bar / 5800psi of pressure. The SR-cartridges can be removed, resealed and exchanged simply, efficiently and cleanly.

The guns work with a special vacuum principle, ensuring that each SR-cartridge is emptied completely regardless of whether it is removed from the gun on numerous occasions.

CASSIDA Grease Guns are designed for long and reliable service and have ergonomic grip handles for easy operation.

Crucially, the cartridge is also in full view, ensuring that the type of grease, the recommended applications and the colour coding are always visible. 

The gun is pre-lubricated with food grade grease, which ensures the highest level of food safety.

Gavin added: “We understand what is important to businesses. That’s why our CASSIDA Grease Gun will save you time and money – and they also carry the GS label, giving assurance that they have been checked for safety.”

For more information, visit www.fuchs.com/uk/en/brands/a-k/cassida 

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