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FUCHS Lube Cube slashes number of delivery trucks

02.04.2020 - 04:00
FUCHS Lube Cube slashes number of delivery trucks

FUCHS Lubricants’ innovative cardboard packaging system has reduced the number of delivery lorries on the roads – as well as saving thousands of tonnes of plastic.

FUCHS’ industry-leading Lube Cube solution gives customers the option of buying its leading products in a recyclable cardboard box rather than a plastic container.

The packaging is 100 per cent recyclable, offering obvious benefits to the environment.

Today, FUCHS has revealed that the COsavings don’t end there.

The Lube Cube is delivered flatpack to FUCHS prior to the plastic inner bag being filled with oil. 

This means many more Lube Cubes can be delivered in one truck in comparison to empty plastic containers.

The Lube Cube is sold in 20L, 5L and 4L format. 

15,600 20L Lube Cubes can be transported to FUCHS in two trucks, whereas it takes six trucks to deliver the same number of plastic containers – a reduction of 66 per cent.

For 5L Lube Cubes, it takes two trucks to deliver 60 pallets (86,400 units), and eight trucks to do the same quantity of the traditional plastic container – a reduction of 75 per cent.

Furthermore, the Lube Cubes cardboard outers are produced in Chesterfield whereas the plastic containers are sourced from abroad, producing more environmental savings.

Rosemary Mellor, UK Automotive Product Manager at FUCHS Lubricants, said: “These statistics demonstrate the significant reduction in the number of lorries it takes to deliver Lube Cubes in comparison to plastic containers.

“Fewer lorries on the roads means less CO2,, less congestion and reduced operational costs. It’s good news for everyone.

“The Lube Cube is a tremendous success story and we plan to continue to build upon it, with the ultimate aim of having all products sold in that format.”

The introduction of the Lube Cube has saved more than 750 metric tonnes (750,000kg) of plastic since the 20 litre launch in 2012.

That is the equivalent of 15 million two litre plastic bottles, or 90 million plastic carrier bags, (https://plasticfree.co.uk/plastic-stats/).

Lube Cubes can be included with the normal recycling waste, resulting in significant savings when businesses are paying to dispose of hazardous waste.

They are easier to store as they can be stacked on top of each other, with the additional benefit that larger quantities can be packed on pallets compared to regular plastic containers, so stocking space is reduced.

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