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Agriculture and forestry

FUCHS has been active in the agricultural lubricant market for more than 60 years, both as an OEM for machine manufacturers and in the field of workshop services. Our innovative lubricants secure maximum operational reliability of all agricultural units – from engines and transmissions, right through to hydraulics in all machines and vehicles.

AGRIFARM - a comprehensive, high-performance lubricant program for farming applications

Agricultural lubricants must deliver high performance even under the very toughest conditions, offering faultless reliability for agricultural vehicles including tractors, farming machinery and fleet vehicles.

AGRIFARM products are lubricants of the very highest quality made by FUCHS, which meet the latest standards of leading manufacturers in terms of application safety.

Discover more about our AGRIFARM range today.

Rapidly biodegradable lubricants for agricultural & forestry applications

Forests, fields and grasslands are highly sensitive ecosystems and their modern utilisation has long had to be economically viable.

Virtually all vehicles operate outdoors in one way or another, carrying all manner of resources on board such as fuels, lubricants and antifreeze. This presents a considerable danger to us and our environment in the event of a spillage or accident.

These dangers can be avoided by using special lubricants. FUCHS focuses on sustainability and economic efficiency and for this reason offers a multitude of rapidly biodegradable products for your applications.

For example, in forestry applications, use of chainsaws is commonplace. Chainsaw lubricants are so-called loss lubricants which, even in their latest versions, enter and remain in the environment when used.

FUCHS focuses on sustainability and economic efficiency and for this reason has developed the rapidly biodegradable PLANTO TAC 68 chainsaw oil, which complies with the special requirements of the EU Ecolabel.

Download our PLANTO brochure in the Downloads section of this page, or visit our PLANTO page for more information.

Innovative lubricants need experienced application engineers

Every lubricant change should be preceded by expert consultation on the application in question. Only then can the best lubricant system be selected. 

Contact us today and experienced FUCHS engineers will be happy to advise on products for the application in question and also on our full range of agricultural lubricants.

Max execution time: 240