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New office building.

New raw materials warehouse.

FUCHS UK laboratories: Torque tapping test.

4-Axis robot arm.

Lube Cube filling machine.

FUCHS Apprentices.

Label storage machine.

Feige filling machine.

Metalworking fluids - Advice & precautions in case of production stoppages

Did you know that we test how lubricants affect the head on a glass of beer?

Did you know that handling lubricants correctly reduces the risk of stoppages?

Did you know that thinner engine oils work perfectly well in heavy vehicles?

Did you know that it’s important to check which coolant your engine needs?

Did you know that changing from mineral to synthetic oil can save energy, money and the environment?

Did you know that the diesel effect can ruin hydraulic oil?

Did you know that the oil flow in a truck engine moves quickly and a long way?

Did you know that the right hydraulic oil decreases energy loss?

Did you know that biodegradable hydraulic oils often provide better performance?

Did you know that elevated temperature affects an oil’s life span?

Did you know that oil can act as a heated garage in a can?

Did you know that over-lubrication causes many cases of bearing failure?

FUCHS sponsored rally team CA1 Sport.

FUCHS LUBRICANTS British Historic Rally Championship 2018 season review.

Oxford Brookes Racing 2018 season review.

View our YouTube channel for our latest and archived sponsorship videos.

FUCHS Silkolene partners with Kawasaki UK Team Green.

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