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Easy and safe relubrication of wind turbines


The maintenance of wind power plants represents a big challenge for service employees. Space is at a premium at lofty heights – in addition to which the maintenance work is hampered by difficult-to-access areas. In particular the important lubrication of the individual applications and the refilling of lubrication systems can thus be very complicated. Apart from the high time expenditure there are often other adversities such as the ingress of air and dirt into central lubrication systems and applications as well as ecological aspects.

Easy and safe relubrication of wind turbines – the new service cartridge from FUCHS LUBRITECH

With the new service cartridge FUCHS LUBRITECH offers a solution that makes your maintenance work considerably easier, virtually eliminates the ingress of air and dirt and is also eco-friendly.

The new service cartridge has a filling volume of 4,000 ml and is simply screwed onto a mobile lubricating pump. A hose connects it with the lubricating point or a central lubrication system. The grease quantity is thus pumped directly to its destination. Since the service cartridges are filled without bubbles, the risk of air ingress is virtually excluded.

Whilst the contents of the cartridge are being pumped into the central lubrication system, your service employee can take care of other maintenance tasks. Due to the high volume of 4,000 ml, a cartridge change is often unnecessary and the risk of contamination is thus minimized. When using the corresponding case pumps, minimum switch-off via an integrated meter or a simple magnetic switch is possible.

Thanks to the special shape of the follower piston the cartridge can be almost completely emptied and is thus an extremely economical and eco-friendly solution for the relubrication of wind power plants.

  • Bubble-free refilling of central lubrication systems

  • Low contamination risk

  • Simple and time-saving handling

  • Can be emptied almost completely

  • Eco-friendly disposal

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